ENZYME SECRET Anti-Aging Serum

Wrinkle correcting

Decelerate the loss of collagen
and stimulate collagen generation

Smooth and refine the skin

Effectively increase the smoothness of the skin
Rejuvenate the skin

Rich moisturization

Effectively relieve dehydrated skin
Increase cuticle hydration

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AMELIORAGE乳霜(小黑球)繼法國上架後,正式發表於台灣,產品經法國知名iEC France進行人體試驗,證實30分鐘內可快速提升皮膚41%含水量,28天提升皮膚整體含水量達15%。

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We are a group of professionals consisted of biotech, formula, material experts and dermatologist consultants from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Our principle is to test and improve our products until they are up to standards in order to achieve class one safety and effectiveness.

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