The Oscars of the Skincare Industry—Monde Selection: World Quality Evaluation Awards

The Oscars of the Skincare Industry—Monde Selection: World Quality Evaluation Awards
DFON’s AMELIORAGE HYDRA-LIFT INTENSIVE MASK was honored with the Gold Award from Monde Selection in April 2023. But what exactly is this prestigious accolade? We’re all familiar with the Oscars of the film industry, the Grammys of the music world, and Taiwan’s widely recognized Golden Horse, Golden Bell, and Golden Melody Awards. The Monde Selection International Quality Label stands on an equally unattainable pedestal and is considered the pinnacle of achievements in the skincare and cosmetics industry.

The criteria for this award are exceptionally rigorous. Products are scrutinized for quality, safety, ingredients, and even packaging—all must pass with flying colors! Moreover, the judges don’t merely sit in an office typing away; they conduct on-site evaluations and personally try out the products. Only the crème de la crème earn the esteemed recognition of this label.

Let’s delve deeper into the sanctity of the Monde Selection International Quality Label. What unique aspects of the evaluation process make international brands so eager to apply!


What is the Monde Selection International Quality Label ?

Monde Selection, founded in Belgium in 1961, has its headquarters situated in the heart of Europe—Brussels.

For nearly 60 years, this international quality research institute has garnered unique expertise in evaluating the quality of culinary, health, and cosmetic products globally. Through assessments by internationally renowned experts, Monde Selection highlights consumer goods with its distinctive quality label.

What sets Monde Selection apart is its status as the only quality evaluation organization that offers comprehensive testing and assessment for consumer products.

Each year, hundreds of product evaluation meetings are organized. During these sessions, judges devote time to individually taste and analyze each product, as opposed to making comparative judgments.

Years of expertise cover categories like food, spirits, beverages, dietary nutrition, health foods, and cosmetics. For all these product categories, Monde Selection offers a holistic approach to evaluating the aspects of quality most important to consumers.


Grading Standards for the Monde Selection International Quality Label


The Monde Selection International Quality Label is categorized into four levels: Grand Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Products are placed within these four grading tiers based on their final evaluation scores, earning them their corresponding honor badges.

Each badge has an official design standard, and beyond Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the Grand Gold stands as the ultimate honor. Products that achieve this level are truly one in ten thousand, owing to the stringent evaluation criteria.

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2022 DFON’s
AMELIORAGE Regenerating Elixir
Wins ‘Grand Gold Award’

Known as the Oscars of the skincare industry, Monde Selection evaluated DFON Biomedical’s AMELIORAGE Regenerating Elixir through the lens of a hundred international experts. The product successfully navigated a series of rigorous challenges, ultimately receiving the distinguished ‘Grand Gold Award.’ Let’s take a quick look at the award-winning product:

  • MMpH+ is a proprietary technology owned by DFON Biomedical, featuring a natural high molecular weight small molecule. It assists in collagen proliferation, enzyme balancing, and decelerating the breakdown of collagen ✨.

  • MMpH+ stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen, allowing the body time to replenish and repair new cells, thus achieving anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effects on the skin 🌙.

  • Cellular tests have proven that within just 6 days, there was a 74% increase in collagen production in cells 🏋.

  • Human trials of the product showed that, on average, test subjects experienced a 44% reduction in skin roughness within 28 days. Skin density increased by 19%, pore size shrank by 30%, and the skin’s hydration capability improved by 15% 💪🏻.




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DFON Biomedical 2023:
INTENSIVE MASK Wins ‘Gold Award’ ✨

DFON Biomedical’s AMELIORAGE HYDRA-LIFT INTENSIVE MASK surpassed multiple challenges to ultimately receive the esteemed ‘Gold Award.’

Let’s take a quick look at this award-winning product: 

  • Anti-Aging Hydration: Initiates Active Moisture Cycle, Perfect Repair Manifested. Key Ingredients: Dynamic Moisturizing Duet (Betaine Source), Everlasting Flower Total Moisturizing Extract, 3D Micro-Needle Lock-In Moisture Factor, Vitamin Pro B5 Intelligent Soothing Element (Synthetic Oat Acylamine), LIFT OLÉOACTIF® .


  • Using patented chromatographic separation technology, the dual moisturizing factors extracted from beetroot molasses rapidly hydrate and lock in moisture, enhancing skin barrier functions, improving skin elasticity, and leaving skin supple and dewy 💧.

  • French everlasting flower plant cell extract repairs the skin barrier balance, breaking the cycle of inflammation and dryness, and maintaining long-lasting skin hydration 🏋.

  • The 3D Micro-Needle Lock-In Moisture Factor, a natural moisturizing ingredient extracted from arctic drought-resistant plants, is delivered and anchored within a 3D matrix using innovative microtube technology, achieving both instant and long-lasting skin hydration, reducing dryness and flaking ❄️.

  • LIFT OLÉOACTIF® features calendula reinvigorating extracts, a plant-based botulinum-like ingredient, making the skin smoother and more refined. This 100% plant-based active ingredient combines anti-aging elements from various plants, perfectly awakening the skin 🌼.

  • Vitamin B5 precursor, also known as Panthenol, is excellent for skin penetration and hydration. It directly permeates the stratum corneum to make the skin moist and promotes fibroblast growth to repair skin tissues, serving as an outstanding skin protectant.



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