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Industrial Technology Research Institute team first conducted the research and development on MMpH+encapsulation materials.
After conducting the market research and the evaluation on MMpH+, they decided to tap into the domain of skin care.
Research team put active ingredient MMpH+ into human skin reaction test.
IRB human skin test proved that the active ingredient MMpH+ has profound effects in easing collagen loss of the dermis and stimulating collagen generation.
The team launched Enzyme Secret Anti-Aging Serum, the 1st age defying product with active ingredient MMpH+.
To launch the full range of Enzyme Secret age defying products.

Enzyme Secret International Standards

Pass Cytotoxicity Tests /
Comply with ISO 10993 In vitro Agar Diffusion Test (by ITRI MCL Lab), GLP and TAF Lab (by MEDGAEA)

Safety Tests /
•The Hospital IRB approved Skin Irritation by Single-Application Patch Test at schools
• FDA certified AMA Lab conducted skin test for the Caucasian
• In Vitro Skin Irritation Testing: follows OECD 439 In vitro skin irritation test, by ITRI BDL Lab

Functionality Tests /
• The Hospital IRB approved tests at school: functionality test on human body: epidermis water content, skin elasticity, skin firmness, wrinkles, pores, dermis collagen content…
• In Vitro Testing: MMP Enzyme activity balance, collagen hyperplasia by ITRI MCL Lab

Enzyme Secret 功效通過國際級設備檢驗

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Two major types of aging

Skin aging can be classified into natural aging and behavioral aging (damaging environmental factors such as stress, life style, environmental pollution, sun exposure, smoking, irritant diet and so on.)

The cause of both types of aging has to do with enzyme MMP that resolves skin collagen. Both natural aging and behavioral aging increase the concentration of enzyme MMP, which is also the main reason that accelerates collagen loss. Therefore, balancing enzyme MMP of the skin is the one of the keys to fight aging. Generally speaking, behavioral reasons are the main contributor to aging. In order to prevent aging in advance, it is essential for one to attend to skin with care. We suggest three steps (cleaning, moisturizing, protection) and select proper skin care products for your age and skin type.