Experimental Results - AMELIORAGE

Skin Structure

Responsible for supporting the skin structure to avoid sagging and wrinkles

Responsible for skin elasticity and stretch recovery ability

Mainly exists in the extracellular matrix and the surrounding matrix, which helps the skin increase moisutre and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

The loss of collagen, which is responsible for the structure, increases with age and external stimulating factors. As a result, the skin structure becomes loose and sinks, which in turn causes wrinkles and enlarged pores.

External stimulating factors

UV light

Chlorinated water



Dermis Collagen

Human test confirmed that after 28 days of use,

dermis collagen increased by an average of 30.2%


Skin firmness improved

Human test confirmed that after 28 days of use, 

skin density increased by an average of 19%


Pore size minimized

Human test confirmed that after 28 days of use,

pore size minimized by 30%


Skin smoothness improved

Human test confirmed that after 28 days of use, 

Skin roughness improved by 45%

Skin water content increased by 15%

Skin seems more hydrated———————————

Skin returns to it’s optimal hydration———————-

Skin seems better nourished——————————-

Skin seems revitalized, energized————————–

Skin seems smoother—————————————

Skin quality seems improved and firmer——————-

Complexion looks more even——————————



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81% 受測者認同

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