Skin care is a broad topic. DFON Biomedicine offers a few questions and answers in the hopes of clearing up any confusion.

Is more skincare always better?

A dermatologist once treated a patient for contact dermatitis and couldn’t figure out what was causing the skin irritation. Turns out, the patient was using way too many different skincare products!

Even the most natural skincare products usually have some preservatives and fragrances. With a long list of ingredients, it’s hard for consumers to know what’s actually good for their skin. The more products you layer on, the more chemicals you’re piling onto your skin, which increases the chance of an allergic reaction.

That’s why our serums are designed to be as simple as possible. They’re centered around our patented MMpH+ anti-aging ingredient. No fragrances, no alcohol, no dyes, and no parabens (which have been controversial for causing allergies and even cancer). We believe in giving your skin the purest care possible.

If you have sensitive skin, we highly recommend doing a small patch test on the inside of your elbow to see if the product causes any irritation or discomfort before diving in with full usage.

Anti-aging Skincare Products vs. Medical Aesthetic Treatments: Which is Better?

People often ask me, “Why buy anti-aging products when I can just get a medical aesthetic treatment?” Well, the truth is, these two aren’t mutually exclusive. Medical treatments offer quick fixes to some aging issues—it’s like a magic pill that gives instant results. The reason they can co-exist is that anti-aging products can actually enhance and prolong the effects of these treatments.

Take collagen, for example. We all want the collagen that’s added from medical treatments to last as long as possible, right? But as we naturally age, our skin produces more collagen-degrading enzymes (MMPs). So, picking the right skincare product that slows down this degradation process becomes super important.

Also, let’s not forget, a lot of people are still hesitant to try invasive medical treatments. For them, choosing a skincare product that both promotes collagen production and slows its loss is crucial.

🡪Our AMELIORAGE Regenerating Elixir does both!

When Should I Start Using Anti-Aging Skincare?

Research shows that around the age of 25-30, our skin’s ability to regenerate collagen starts to decline year by year. On the flip side, factors like stress, lack of sleep, UV exposure, bad lifestyle habits, chlorinated water, and pollution (hello, PM2.5) can all harm our skin. Over time, this leads to issues like dullness and wrinkles that are hard to reverse. To make matters worse, the enzymes that break down collagen get more active as we age. This imbalance can cause the skin to start sagging, becoming rough, and developing wrinkles.

So, for all you beauties out there who’ve hit the big 3-0, it’s time to get serious about anti-aging skincare. And hey, it’s never too late to start! We all want our collagen levels to be better than those of our peers, making us look younger and boosting our skin confidence.

🡪Our AMELIORAGE Regenerating series, featuring our patented MMpH+ anti-aging ingredient, effectively slows down the degradation process, restoring your collagen to what it was 10-15 years ago, for that age-defying glow.

What Does it Really Mean to Moisturize?

Surveys show that nearly 90% of women are either just “okay” or downright dissatisfied with their skin’s hydration levels. The top three go-to hydration methods are toners, serums, and face masks.

Some women with oily skin mistakenly think they don’t need to moisturize. But here’s the deal: the oil on your face is produced by sebaceous glands, while skin dryness is due to low water content in the epidermis. If you skip moisturizing, you could end up with skin that’s both oily and flaky. So, whether you have oily or dry skin, maintaining skin moisture is a must.

When we talk about “moisturizing,” we’re really talking about the water content in the epidermis. A healthy epidermis should have a water content of around 20-35%. When it drops below 10%, your skin becomes rough, loses softness, and feels dry and tight. This also affects the skin’s radiance, making it look dull. The trick is to find a product that can sustainably increase the skin’s overall water content. Short-term gains are great, but if the water is quickly lost again, your skin will still be dehydrated.

🡪Our AMELIORAGE Regenerating Cream (aka “The Little Black Ball”) has been clinically proven by the renowned French iEC lab. Tests using professional instruments (Corneometer™) show that just 30 minutes after application, the average water content in the skin increased by 41%. Even more exciting, after 28 days of use, overall skin hydration increased by 15%. In other words, after a month, even bare-faced hydration levels were noticeably improved.

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