French model Chin Hsi's user experience in Paris PR event

  • Before using AMELIORAGE, my collagen was around 30%, after one month, my collagen increased up to 60%.
  • I use it around my neck and face, the wrinkle situation is getting better.
  • I think I will keep using it for sure.

ES AP-I Serum

Which woman will be satisfied with her skin! Small fine lines, dynamic lines, dark spots often follow me. I experimented with rubbing only one side, and it was obvious that the skin became finer and firmer. Moreover, DFON's serum gives skin better nourished and seems more supple than the other commercially available models, and it is easier to apply on the face like dewdrops.

The skin is still smooth without makeup! I have an oily physique, and I got acne easily during my puberty, which causes my pores to be enlarged. After using DFON's serum, the pores are significantly reduced and the skin feels softer. Thank you DFON!

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We are a group of professionals consisted of biotech, formula, material experts and dermatologist consultants from the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Our principle is to test and improve our products until they are up to standards in order to achieve class one safety and effectiveness.

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